As a dedicated specialized reinsurance carrier Nationale Borg Re has been active in reinsurance of Bond, Credit Insurance and Political Risk Insurance for over 70 years. Thanks to the extensive expertise of our team of underwriters and our strong rating, we were well-positioned in our markets.

However, times change and since the acquisition of Nationale Borg Reinsurance by Liberty Mutual Insurance Group in October 2019 renewals of our clients are underwritten by Liberty Mutual Re.

Nationale Borg Re’s key underwriters have transitioned into Liberty Mutual Re and have become an integral part of their Global Financial Risk Reinsurance Team. The change allows clients to utilise the most appropriate and relevant Liberty Mutual Re balance sheet for their portfolio and region.

All business that incepted prior to October 2019 remains with Nationale Borg Re, now a Liberty Mutual company with an A (stable) rating from AM Best, and will continue to be serviced until natural expiry. The management team of Nationale Borg Reinsurance works with a dedicated team to support its cedents.

Rating Report

AM Best Rating Report October 2021
AM Best Rating Report October 2021

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